Custom Clearance

Custom Clearance

We serve administration solution for dispensing or shipping goods at the loading ports. Our services start from:


Prior Entry Permit Procedure

We help you administrative procedure from reporting cargo ships from abroad when the ship arrives at Indonesia. We also handle inspection of goods process by Customs officers, until unloading goods administration process.


Announcement Process Regarding Goods Permit To Customs Officer

We help you to announcement process regarding goods permit to the Custom Officer.


Import Declaration Process

We help you store the goods in the warehouse and wait until import declarations process finished and allowed to be sold in Indonesia.


Importer Data Documentation Process

This process will record importer’s documents such as business entities, import licenses and insurance.


Process of Paying Import Duty

Help you to process paying taxes and other matters related to imported goods through foreign exchange banks.


Process of Inspecting Imported Goods

Help you with final process that do a thorough checking process of imported goods.